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About Tyler Sobel.


Film has always been a part of my life. My parents still remind me the story of how I would stand in front of the television, bang on it, and yell at the dinosaurs in 'Jurassic Park'.  At the age of six, I would surround myself with action figures from movies and envision my new storylines while reenacting them with my own sound effects and commotions. When action figures were not available to me, paper and pen became my mind's eye. Looking back at this, I could compare it to a kind of primitive storyboard.  My characters would come alive on paper and dance across the pages as if they could fly off the sheets.  No words, just drawings and lines of movement.

At the age of 8, I saw a 'stop motion' video.  I begged my parents for the use of their camera in order to create my first video.  I was so proud of myself and I found filming to be addicting. Over the next several years, creating videos and telling stories became my passion.  I hunted down friends and classmates who were willing to create films with me.

When I attended my first film camp, I found my 'home'. In these camps I created short films, which would help introduce me to the professional side of creating film. This professional side did not scare me; instead, it inspired me more than I had been previously. I knew that film was my future. 

Now I am a student at Ithaca College, currently studying film, photography, and visual arts and pursuing my BFA Degree. Watch me as I take my rightful place in the world of film.

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