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Tyler Sobel

Film Director ● Editor ● Photographer

Latest Film

Mr. Dither | Psychological Thriller Short Film

Mr. Dither | Psychological Thriller Short Film

Latest Photography Work


Wrestling has taught me some of the most important lessons in my life. It has brought me sorrow, anger, happiness, and helped me learn the truth behind the meaning “hard work pays off.” However, it has also brought out an aversion to food associated with weight loss tactics, as it became something I was forced to do, no matter how unhealthy it could have become. I found “healthy” ways of losing the weight, and tried out every diet I could find. This resulted in me constantly worrying about what I should or shouldn’t be eating even if the wrestling season was not in session. I was constantly counting carbs and calories at all times

This piece of work was created as my fight back against the diets.

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